A socio-business media platform connecting Melanin People from all over the world using short form videos, pictures and messaging application . Our vision is to connect people of color from different parts of the world, share the culture and increase our socio-economic awareness.
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We encourage you to promote your businesses and brands here at MelaninPeople. As MelaninPeople, our spending is projected to grow significantly in the years ahead according to Nielsen. Since 2000, the African-American market has seen a 114% increase in buying power which was estimated to be $1.3 trillion in 2018. Infact, the minority markets in the United States Of America have a combined $3.9 trillion buying power according to Newswise (2019). This is a tremendous opportunity.

Connect And Network With Other Professionals In The Community

You can connect with individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other black & brown professionals from different parts of the world. Our app provides a platform to build powerful relationships within the melanin people community and beyond.

Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5


Features In This App

This app has a lot of amazing features some of which are listed below

Personal & Business Profiles



News Magazine

How MelaninPeople Works

MelaninPeople is a free socio-business app used by people of color all over the world. Users can share photos, videos and network with melanin people across various continents.

We Made This App For You

Our ultimate goal is to connect black and brown people together i.e. individuals to individuals, individuals to entrepreneurs, customers to businesses, businesses to businesses and people to organizations

Unlimited Messaging

The MelaninPeople app provides opportunities to drive impact with the highest engagement. We can assure you of unlimited two way messaging, be it social, personal, professional or business oriented.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging on MelaninPeople allows you to send one on one messages to friends and followers using the in-app messaging feature.

Send Direct Emails

This feature allows you to send emails directly to individuals, businesses, professionals and organizations.


Promote Our African And African-American Heritage With Social Interaction

Let us share our culture and discuss the unique perspectives of all people of color from different parts of the world as Africans and African-Americans

Express Your Social Prowess

Share events, upload pictures and videos to tell positive stories in the African and African American communities

Flaunt your entreprenuerial expertise for the community to see. Post your products and business services

Support black business owners and melanin people in business all over the world

Buy Black

Support the community by buying black owned brands from the MelaninPeople marketplace and shop.

Explore The Marketplace

The marketplace provides the opportunity to showcase your products and services. Tell a friend and also take advantage of it.

Promote Black Businesses

Introduce black businesses to the world. Help circulate the black dollar within our communities and beyond.


Do even more with the MelaninPeople App

Be social, showcase your gifts and talents, connect and network with business professionals, buy and sell in our marketplace and explore much more within the MelaninPeople app.

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